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Defrost Chicken in best ways possible

The whole world is divided into 3 types of human beings. One who eats only vegetarian food, the second who eat only non-vegetarian food and the third who eat both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food. It is said and believed that people who eat non vegetarian food exist more in number than the ones who eat vegetarian food. There are people who want to motivate people not to kill some animal and eat it and then there are some who do not really pay attention and they eat whatever they want. We are here going to talk about people who eat both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food both. The most popular non vegetarian food is chicken. This popularity can differ in various parts of the world but majorly chicken is a non-vegetarian food which is eaten worldwide. The whole world is crazy about chicken. There are innumerable recipes and food items that can be prepared with the help of chicken. You can eat chicken with almost anything. You can make a soup out of it; you can prepare starters out of it. A whole wide variety of food is possible with chicken. In the world of food each and every day new recipes are being invented.

Freeze your chicken and store it!

Making chicken at home is really easy. One problem that is faced by people who want to cook chicken at home is its freshness. You cannot really go to the market every day and buy fresh chicken. You have a real cool solution to this problem. What you can do is buy frosted chicken and stores it in your freezer. Whenever you want you can take out your frosted chicken, defrost it and prepare it. Defrost chicken can be cooked as easily as fresh chicken. There are different ways of defrosting chicken and you can use any way to do it.

Why blend in when you’re born to stand out?


Most of our lives we are told that it is better to fit in than to stand out, especially when we are looking at how tough it is going through High School. Most people would rather be one in a crowd of people than stand out, this is not how we should be spending our lives, we need to rather be seen, the shining beacon for others to follow.

People spend too much time and energy in their lives trying to fit in and be “normal”, One shouldn’t settle for being ordinary when you can live your life being extraordinary. When people think of standing out, they immediately think of your looks – do you blend into societal norms? – This is not what It should be, rather than its about standing out with your character. When someone stands out from the crowd, you can’t help but have your attention drawn to them.

People may try say negative things to you if you do stand out from the crowd and that is fine, it may sting, but that should not stop you from being who you are. Beat down the critics by showing them that you are happy the way you are and that nothing they say or do will change who you are. They may ask you plainly, why stand out when blending in is so much easier – the answer to that is that you are taking the risk, and the payoff for the risk is beautiful.

We have to ask ourselves the question daily, why would we follow the crowd rather than leading it from the front? As individuals we are unique and beautiful in our own way, we should all be encouraged to stand out from the bunch and accept ourselves for who we are.